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    As part of their class assignments and as a public service, Masters in Public Affairs students enrolled in the Environmental Economics and Policy course , the Capstone class, and SPEA seminars are often asked to produce a web site that provides and compiles information on an environmental issue of interest to them. The links below connect to some of those websites
    Biodiversity and Species Protection   
    Climate Change
 Science of Climate Change
    Welfare Economics Perspective
      Policy Responses to Climate Change
      Politics and Equity
    Energy Efficiency
    International Trade and the Environment
    Lead Poisoning
    Marine Pollution
    Point Source Air Pollution Control
    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
    Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries
    Urban Sprawl
    Water Pollution from Pulp and Paper Industry
    Wetlands Protection


    Bloomington Resources
    Bloomington Environmental Commission
    Bloomington Environmental Commission Environmental Quality Indicators Report
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    Training Booklet
Usability Principles
Practice Text File
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NEPA and the U.S. Forest Service

Carbon Trading Resources

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